Hemas Consumer Brands demonstrated healthy growth in FY2023/24 amidst challenging economic conditions, while unfailingly fulfilling its social responsibilities across its product categories. As a leader in Sri Lanka’s Home and Personal Care sector for over 60 years, its focus on empowering families to live a better tomorrow, by providing innovative solutions , has helped establish its purpose-led brands as trusted household names in Sri Lanka.

At HCB each brand goes through the journey of how it empowers the lives of its consumers and communities across the country through its purpose driven initiatives and thereby impacting hundreds of households. Baby Cheramy, the nation’s No. 1 Baby Care brand, is on a journey to create a safer world for babies and has successfully reached 6,980 parents directly and over 20,000 indirectly through targeted parental education programmes and staunch advocacy of inclusive parenting. To ensure that baby gets the safest personal care and personal wash products as they start their journey in life, 11,313 Baby Cheramy newborn gift packs were distributed to new mothers across the country. The much-loved brand has joined hands with the Sri Lanka College of Community Physicians and the Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians to further their commitment to create a safer world for baby by jointly developing and distributing ‘Child Home Accident Prevention’ booklets, which can be downloaded free on the Baby Cheramy website, already reaching 1,680 parents. Widening the impact of its child safety initiative, 50 Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) officers and 1,000 officers were trained. In addition, the Baby Cheramy a ‘Safety Institute Expert Live’ online parental education programme was launched along with the Baby Cheramy Safety Institute Co-Creation Centre

Furthermore, Kumarika, the truly Sri Lankan hair care brand of Hemas Consumer brands, launched its purpose driven initiative, ‘Sonduru Diriyawanthi’ as a national campaign to support women who are undergoing chemotherapy by addressing the increasing need for natural hair wigs. The project has offered 1800+ hair wigs last year, made from natural hair, to fulfil more than half of the present requirement of courageous women who have had to sacrifice their own hair as a result of chemotherapy. The project looks at encouraging these women to stay strong and find their inner strength as they fight their health battle.

Good oral health is a critical part of the health and well-being of individuals. In the personal care category of Hemas Consumer Brands, Sri Lanka’s most trusted oral care brand, Clogard, has held 16 Dental Clinics and awareness sessions for 5,993 people, including dental screenings for 5,820 people and dental treatments for 2,152 to improve dental health.

Diva is the smart choice of the modern woman, easing her busy life while leaving her with pride and confidence to care for the wellbeing of her family. In the detergent category, during 2023/2024, the convenient laundry solution, Diva, conducted the Diva Daathata Diriyak Training Session and awards ceremony in Galle; Diva Daathata Diriyak in Dankotuwa and award ceremony in Jaffna; and Diva Daathata Diriyak training session in Welimada in 2023/2024. These sessions benefited 175 entrepreneurs in partnership with Women In Management (WIM). The entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to showcase and sell their products in Colombo and Dankotuwa under the aegis of the ‘Diriya workforce’ Avurudu pola initiative.

Throughout its journey of over 20 years, feminine hygiene care brand Fems has been pioneering efforts towards the betterment of women through various community support activities. Fems is also taking the lead in accelerating progress for women through the ‘H.E.R Foundation’ (Help. Empower. Rise.) The initiative has impacted 85,500 women and girls. The H.E.R Foundation is dedicated to addressing the challenges Sri Lankan women and girls face through initiatives ranging from education on hygiene practices to improving access to sanitary napkins and igniting their unstoppable journey. For Fems, the year marked the beginning of a significant partnership with textile manufacturer Teejay Lanka to improve overall hygiene in 7 schools in the Sabaragamuwa Province

Capping a successful 2023/24, Fems won many key accolades at the SLIM Brand Excellence awards, including Top 50 Global Professional & Career Women Awards 2023; Best Community Initiative focused on Women-Led Project of the Year award for Fems Aya; Gold award for Best CSR Brand of the Year at the SLIM Brand Excellence Awards 2023 and ESG Social Award at the Hemas Value Awards 2023.

This recognition and acclaim from amongst the best of the best brands in Sri Lanka reflects how Hemas Consumer Brands stays true to its purpose of “empowering families to live a better tomorrow through innovative solutions”. Leading with purpose, the Hemas Group remains steadfast in its commitment to its purpose-driven goals and values.

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