HUTCH, a prominent player in the Sri Lankan telecommunications industry, announces a groundbreaking shift in connectivity dynamics with its latest social media plans. Renowned for delivering unmatched value for money, HUTCH is committed to meeting subscriber demands by staying attuned to market trends and amplifies its dedication to meeting the evolving digital needs of its customers.

HUTCH is breaking new ground in the industry with its unique 9-app strategy, making TikTok the top choice with an impressive 700k downloads in Q3 2023, confirming its position as the most popular social media app. It began as a fun app for young people but has evolved into a smart platform using AI for education and insightful content. Now serving people of all ages, it offers tailored educational content, positioning itself as a top destination for learning. This move within Hutch’s plan shows how committed they are to offering an advanced digital experience.

Included alongside TikTok are other leading platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, IMO, Viber, and Telegram. Pioneering this unique amalgamation of top-tier social apps, HUTCH sets a new standard by combining these favorites into an all-encompassing package available at an unmatched pricing of Rs. 479.

Commenting on this groundbreaking plan, Hamdhy Hassen – Chief Marketing Officer at HUTCH, said, “Our new social media plans reflect our dedication to not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of our users. With unlimited access to 9 social media apps, including TikTok, we are reshaping the landscape of connectivity, establishing ourselves as the go-to SIM for users of these popular apps, especially the youth.” 

Acknowledging the insatiable appetite for connectivity, HUTCH has also enhanced its Rs. 888 plan by expanding the app offerings from 6 to an impressive 9. This plan not only caters to the social media needs of the data hungry youth but also provides an additional 30GB of data along with unlimited calls, ensuring a holistic and affordable communication experience. 

Along with this unbelievable offer, consumers are encouraged to seamlessly initiate a new connection with Hutch, whether opting for a physical SIM or the convenient e-SIM. By scanning the QR code provided, individuals embark on a digitally advanced experience that signifies the beginning of a transformative journey.

For further details on its cutting-edge social media plans and to explore the full range of its offerings, simply visit


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