In a resounding testament to their innovative digital marketing strategies, Fems and Clogard Fresh have emerged triumphant at the prestigious SLIM Digis 2.3 Awards, securing the Merit Award and Digital Bronze Award, respectively.

Fems, the trailblazer in menstrual health advocacy, has been honoured with a SLIM Digis Merit Award for their outstanding “Daughter’s Day” digital campaign, unveiled in October 2022 in conjunction with the international celebration of Daughters Day. This heart-warming campaign skilfully utilized the poignant bond between fathers and daughters to address the stigma surrounding menstrual health.

The campaign delivered a powerful social message, emphasizing the pivotal role that males play in the lives of women and encouraging them not to shy away from conversations about menstruation. Fems’ commitment to breaking societal taboos and fostering open dialogue on menstrual health has once again been acknowledged, reflecting the brand’s progressive approach.

Clogard Fresh, a frontrunner in oral care, has clinched the Digital Bronze Award for its dynamic ‘Freshness You Can’t Hide’ multi-platform digital campaign. Strategically targeting the Gen-Z audience, the campaign unfolded across popular platforms like Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, and Facebook. The engaging and multi-phased campaign included teasers, influencer marketing, quizzes, and more, all aimed at elevating audience engagement and consequently boosting the brand’s market share.

The SLIM Digis 2.3 Awards, organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), stood as a grand celebration of digital marketing success. With over 190 entries across various categories, the event recognized and applauded the industry’s most innovative and effective digital campaigns.

Both Fems and Clogard Fresh have demonstrated exemplary creativity, strategic thinking, and market impact in their respective campaigns. Their success at SLIM Digis 2.3 reflects not only their commitment to excellence but also their ability to connect with diverse audiences in the digital landscape.

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