Although we are looking at integrated communications for the future, it is more relevant to this day and age, and the time to implement this strategy through your corporate communication services is now. The type of channels used for communication between businesses and their customers, audience, stakeholders and other interested parties has grown over the years, especially with the emergence of social media platforms and other online media.

Integrated communication is an important aspect of effective public relations in Sri Lanka and elsewhere around the world, and is in place to ensure that a brand creates consistency in their communications strategy, and convey the identical message regarding their brand and business irrespective of the channel being used, whether online or traditional. 

Integrated communication helps brands to answer the following questions, which are essential to determining how the brand remains relevant and engaged with the public who are showing an interest in them. 

  • What kind of information is important for the business to share, and what business goals do these communications achieve?
  • To whom should this message be sent, and what is the relevance?
  • Who will be most effective to deliver this message to each specific audience?
  • What is the right time to convey this message?
  • What is the appropriate channel to convey the message through?

The way in which this message is delivered across the different channels and the tactics and techniques used by the teams may differ widely, however the message will remain consistent throughout, and this message should reflect upon the company’s goals and be aligned with them in order to be successful and effective. Integrated communication strategies offer a better customer experience as well as help to build brand authority. If your message is different and inconsistent across channels, a customer seeing the different messages will get confused and it will deter them from buying your products and services. 

There are many benefits that are offered for the business through integrated communications, such as:

  • Better results – An integrated approach can bring all teams together to work as one well oiled machine, and what was once considered as chaotic and disorganized messaging by customers, will be streamlined and organized, creating greater confidence in the minds of the brand’s customers and audience.
  • Improved image – Consistency improves brand image as perceived by its audience, and can build trust and credibility, letting your audience know that you care abut your product and your business, greatly enhancing the impact that your brand has in the industry.
  • Less costly – Integrating your content and messaging can reduce your costs by a huge percentage, and saves time as well, which can be used for improving other areas of the business and its strategies. This will give you higher returns by reducing costs and higher sales.
  • Increased morale – By concentrating more on quality work than quantity, and thereby reducing the workload of staff members, the team’s morale is improved by a great extent, and will foster better teamwork across divisions. A team that works together effectively and efficiently is certainly an ingredient to a recipe for success.
  • Improves efficiency – A smooth and unhindered line of communication between departments means there is greater efficiency and people working towards a common goal in a harmonious way. Information gathering becomes faster and more efficient, which will no doubt result in increased productivity. 
  • Improved focus – Integrating communications will create greater focus on the goals of the business and to achieving them, rather than on mundane tasks, and your teams will cohesively work towards achieving the goals of the company.
  • Creates diversity – According to professionals in public relations in Sri Lanka and elsewhere, a potential customer would need to see or hear your message at least seven times before they actually make a decision to even consider your product or brand. Therefore, with integrated communication you are delivering a consistent message throughout a diverse range of channels, meaning that you are reaching all of your potential audience on their preferred platforms.
  • Reduce confusion – Adopting integration into your communications strategy means that there are no conflicting messages being put out there causing confusion among your potential customers, resulting in more conversions and sales. 

As you can see, integrated communications offer many benefits for a business, both in terms of internal operations as well as engaging more customers, and it is a very important aspect of corporate communication services offered by reputed agencies who handle public relations in Sri Lanka.

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