The Snehadhana Foundation, the dedicated corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of Aberdeen Holdings (Private) Limited, paid heartfelt tribute to mothers on International Mother’s Day. On May 11th, at the Snehadhana Community Kitchen, the foundation embraced the opportunity to honor and support mothers’ well-being by distributing essential dry ration packs to deserving mothers from the local area.

The Snehadhana Foundation ensured that the aid reached mothers who are deserving with the support of the Colombo Divisional Secretariat, effectively making a positive impact in their lives. This initiative by the Snehadhana Foundation is a part of its ongoing efforts to enhance community well-being through structured and sustainable support systems. It is important to note that the Snehadhana Foundation’s commitment to social responsibility extends far beyond this special celebration of International Mother’s Day. Among their notable initiatives is the ‘Snehadhana Community Kitchen,’ a program launched in March which provides nutritious meals to over 100 underprivileged individuals every working day, addressing the critical issue of food security and uplifting lives in the process.

As Aberdeen Holdings continues to make a difference through its CSR arm and various other initiatives, it sets an exemplary standard for businesses in Sri Lanka and beyond. By placing importance on social impact alongside its business endeavors, Aberdeen Holdings has become a shining example of a company that embodies excellence and corporate responsibility.

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Aberdeen Holdings (Pvt) Ltd stands as a powerful conglomerate that spans eleven diverse sectors, marked by a steadfast commitment to excellence. With thirteen thriving companies under its extensive portfolio, Aberdeen Holdings employs over 1300 dedicated professionals, all contributing to the conglomerate’s ongoing success and its reputation as a leader in corporate social responsibility.

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