Hair plays a vital role in a young, active woman’s appearance, serving as a gateway to her self-assurance and expression. The all-new shampoo & conditioner range comes in four distinct variants consisting of an all-new botanical infused advanced formula, which has been carefully crafted to provide safe, customised solutions for specific Sri Lankan haircare issues including weak & breaking hair, dull & unhealthy hair, dry & frizzy hair, and damaged & brittle hair along with the carefully selected ingredients that help solve those respective hair care issues, that were all identified through extensive consumer-oriented research to offer the widest range of haircare benefits available for the Sri Lankan Consumer. The new vibrant bottle packing design now uses less plastic in its packaging by 20% and 4% in the 80ml and 180ml bottle range respectively.

The variants include Strong Hair, which comes in an all-new green packaging is formulated with Gotukola and Coconut oil extracts, which makes hair stronger from the first wash with 2X Dual Action Formula and Hydrating, which comes in blue packaging, utilises Coconut milk and Veralu leaf extracts that restores lost moisture for smoother hair.  The Healthy & Black variant comes in a black packaging and is made with Karapincha & Blackseed extracts, which makes hair 25% shinier and finally Damage Repair which is packaged in orange and is created with Honey and Henna extracts which repairs signs of damage hair from the first wash.

Kumarika’s all-new shampoo & conditioner range is designed to help empower consumers to radiate self-assurance, acknowledging their evolving needs and aspirations. Confidence emanates from her ability to freely showcase her personality, often manifested through ‘hair play’ — whether it’s cutting, curling, colouring, straightening, perming, tying into a bun, or even braiding. These actions reflect her quest for individuality and her ability exude confidence. Despite occasional hesitations, she seeks the courage to explore further and the freedom to express herself. Understanding this journey, Kumarika, Sri Lanka’s premier haircare brand, unveils its latest shampoo & conditioner range, which is specifically designed for Sri Lankan hair.

Additionally, the brand-new products are also designed to provide naturally derived conditioning to hydrate, strengthen, nourish, shine and repair damaged hair. Each variant also comes with a plethora of alluring and newly improved fragrances that last long after washing. The shampoo range provides superior sensory benefits, excellent wet & dry combing and improves slipperiness and softness. Furthermore, the conditioner range is designed with green chemistry, are readily biodegradable, and help provide excellent wet & dry combing as well. 

Kumarika’s new range not only caters to diverse needs of Sri Lankan hair, but also symbolizes a commitment to women’s evolving aspirations. As women continue to navigate their journey of self-discovery and self-expression, Kumarika stands as a trusted hair care companion, offering safe and customized solutions to enhance confidence and beauty.

About Hemas Consumer Brands:

Hemas Consumer Brands, a leader in Sri Lanka’s Home and Personal Care sector for 60 years, focuses on empowering families to aspire for a better tomorrow. The business takes pride in utilising local insights to innovate and develop consumer centric propositions that have helped establish their purpose led brands as trusted household names in Sri Lanka.  Driven by its deep understanding of the Sri Lankan consumer and an unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality and value through its products, Hemas Consumer Brands continues to enrich the lives of communities across the country.


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