Hemas Consumer Brands is humbled to be among the coalition of partners whose work resulted in the recent honour, bestowed upon Sri Lanka with the prestigious UN Decade of Restoration flagship award for 2024. This accolade reflects the collective efforts made towards the restoration of mangroves. The company Proud to be a pioneer partner to the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society (WNPS), the principal partner to the Department of Wildlife conservation (DWC) on the Accelerated Natural Mangrove Restoration project in the Anawilundawa RAMSAR wetlands.

In 2021, Hemas Consumer Brands responded to an invitation by WNPS, understanding the significance of restoring mangrove ecosystems in selected areas adjacent to the company’s manufacturing plant in Dankotuwa. With great commitment towards the conservation of the environment, the company acknowledged the vital role mangroves play in biodiversity conservation, coastal protection, and climate change mitigation.

Sabrina Esufally, Managing Director of Hemas Consumer Brands commented on the prestigious award, stating, “We at Hemas are deeply honoured to have played a pivotal role in Sri Lanka’s recognition with the prestigious UN Decade of Restoration flagship award for 2024. Together with the Ministry of Environment and WNPS and like-minded partners, we stand proud, knowing that our collective dedication has made a tangible difference in preserving our natural heritage and mitigating the impact on our eco system for future generations”.

The importance of mangrove restoration cannot be overstated, especially in Sri Lanka, where these ecosystems have faced significant decline over the years. As a responsible corporate citizen, Hemas Consumer Brands understood the urgency of the situation and committed its resources, expertise, and manpower to support the restoration process.

Professor Sevvandi Jayakodi, Chair Professor, Department of Agriculture & Fisheries, Wyamba University of Sri Lanka commented, “Hemas deserves to be commended for their role in the achievement of the UN Decade Restoration flagship award. They were among the first corporate entities to support this project despite the uncertainties that surrounded, and their support and steadfast commitment were pivotal in giving us the confidence to pursue this endeavour.”

Hemas Consumer Brands involvement in the project extended beyond mere plantation efforts; A significant portion of the project’s funding was allocated for the scientific exploration, ongoing analysis, and comprehensive measurement of the ecosystem, highlighting the project’s central focus on rigorous scientific investigation and understanding. Furthermore, through educational programs and community engagement initiatives, Hemas Consumer Brands aimed to instil a sense of ownership among residents, empowering them to become stewards of their natural environment.

The success of the mangrove restoration project in Anawilundawa is a testament to the power of collaboration between the public and private sectors. Hemas Consumer Brands, pioneering partner to the WNPS, Multiple other partners under the supervision of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, Ministry of Environment, Department of Wildlife Conservation, Department of Forests , have together demonstrated that meaningful change is possible when working together towards a common goal, even in the face of daunting environmental challenges. As a truly Sri Lankan company, Hemas also has partnered the WNPS in another major initiative to protect over 50 endemic species in Sri Lanka. Hemas remains committed to continuing their efforts in environmental conservation and stewardship, guided by humility and a deep sense of responsibility to the planet and its inhabitants.

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