Hayleys Solar, a leading provider of solar energy solutions in Sri Lanka, is proud to announce its role as the Platinum Sponsor of the historic 90th ‘Battle of the Saints’ and the 50th Joe-Pete Limited Over Encounter. This prestigious event between St. Joseph’s College and St. Peter’s College, Colombo marks a significant milestone in Sri Lanka’s schools’ cricketing history.

The two-day cricket encounter, known for its exhilarating and competitive spirit, will be held at the prestigious Singhalese Sports Club (SSC) grounds on March 22nd and 23rd, 2024 for the ‘Battle of the Saints’, and April 6th, 2024 for the limited-over encounter.

“Hayleys Solar is committed to supporting the development of sports in Sri Lanka, particularly at the school level. This event is a testament to the rich cricketing tradition of Sri Lanka, and we are proud to play a role in its continued success”, said Roshane Perera, Executive Director and CEO of Hayleys Solar.

The ‘Joe Pete encounter’ series is expected to attract a large audience of cricket fans, both locally and internationally. Hayleys Solar is confident that the 90th ‘Battle of the Saints’ and 50th Joe-Pete Limited Over Encounter will be a thrilling and memorable event.

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