– Printcare Digital Solutions (Pvt) Limited, operating under the brand name Printcare Agile, is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking solution aimed at alleviating one of the primary challenges faced by busy parents – covering their children’s schoolbooks. Titled “Book Wonders,” this innovative product promises to revolutionize the traditional book-covering process, making it faster, easier, and more efficient.

The process of covering schoolbooks has long been a time-consuming and cumbersome task for parents. From purchasing paper sheets to cutting them to size, affixing stickers with student details, and applying polythene covers for protection, the entire process can be exhausting and inefficient. Moreover, with certain schools mandating specific subject colors, parents often find themselves wasting paper sheets and resources unnecessarily.

Recognizing this pain point, Printcare Agile has introduced a comprehensive solution with Book Wonders. This unique product pre-prints essential student details, including the school logo, subject colors, student name, grade, and even the student’s photo onto a special cover or sleeve. Not only does this streamline the book-covering process, but it also provides added protection to the books against elements because of the special protective layer on the cover.

Nuwan Widyapathige, General Manager of Printcare Digital Solutions (Pvt) Limited, expresses his enthusiasm for the launch of Book Wonders, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce Book Wonders as a solution to simplify the lives of busy parents. With its three-in-one functionality, our product enables parents to cover their children’s books in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes. We believe this innovation will make a significant difference in the lives of parents and students alike.”

To mark the official launch of Book Wonders, Printcare Agile recently organized an event at Kelaniya Sri Dharmaloka Vidyalaya, where they gifted an entire book list along with the covers to Grade 5 students. The event, held on March 12th, garnered positive feedback from parents and educators alike, highlighting the practicality and efficiency of the new solution.

With Book Wonders, Printcare Agile continues its commitment to providing innovative solutions that simplify everyday tasks and enhance the lives of its customers. For more information about Book Wonders and other products offered by Printcare Agile, please visit www.slick.lk.

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Printcare Agile’s “Book Wonders” launch event: Witnessing the introduction of a groundbreaking solution that simplifies book covering for parents and students. (Pictured: Nuwan Widyapathige, General Manager of Printcare Digital Solutions addressing the audience, and gift distribution by Krishna Ravindran, Executive Director of Printcare  PLC).

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