DOK Solutions Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, a leading record management and business process outsourcing service provider, announced a strategic partnership with Plural Technology, a global leader in advanced enterprise technology solutions. The collaboration aims to accelerate the adoption of digitization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in Sri Lanka. 

This MOU signing marks a significant step towards advancing digitization and AI solutions in Sri Lanka. DOK Solutions and Plural Technology are committed to providing cutting-edge technology services that cater to the evolving needs of businesses in the region.  Representatives from both parties including Mr. Phiroze Pestonjee, Managing Director; Ms. Prabodhanie Wanigasundara, Chief Operating Officer; Mr. Rizan Mubarak, Head of IT from DOK Solutions, Mr. Sunil Savaram, CEO; and Dr. Bhanu Reddy Varla, Partner Director from Plural Technology were in attendance to solidify the partnership.   This collaboration brings together DOK Solutions’ expertise in document management with Plural Technology’s advanced capabilities in AI-driven document processing.

Mr.Phiroze Pestonjee, Managing Director of DOK Solutions, said, “DOK Solutions is excited to announce this strategic partnership with Plural Technology. By combining our strengths with Plural’s cutting-edge AI solutions, we aim to elevate our capabilities in document digitization and processing, providing our clients with even more efficient and advanced services.”

Ms. Prabodhanie Wanigasundara, Chief Operating Officer of DOK Solutions, highlighted the impact this collaboration will have on their service offerings. “This union opens up new possibilities for us to expand our portfolio of technology services. We are now well-positioned to offer innovative solutions in Artificial Intelligence, IoT, AR/VR, and App development, in Health, Education, and Security Industries.”

Mr. Rizan Mubarak, Head of IT at DOK Solutions, expressed his enthusiasm: “This alliance allows us to leverage Plural’s expertise to enhance our capabilities and deliver even more advanced and efficient solutions to our valued customers.”

Mr. Sunil Savaram, CEO of Plural Technology, expressed enthusiasm about the collaborative opportunities ahead. “We are more than happy to bring our AI-driven document processing capabilities to DOK Solutions and contribute to the growth of technology solutions in Sri Lanka. Together, we will unlock new avenues for efficiency and innovation.”

Dr. Bhanu Reddy Varla, Partner Director at Plural Technology, shared his optimism, stating, “This partnership represents a strategic alignment of our capabilities with the diverse technological needs of DOK Solutions. We look forward to creating impactful solutions that drive value for businesses in Sr Lanka.”

DOK Solutions remains committed to delivering exceptional document management services while embracing innovation through strategic partnerships like this one.

Established in 2010, DOK Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of document management services, including physical archiving, document digitization/scanning, data capturing, document management solutions, insurance policy management, and other business process management services to clients across the public and private sectors in Sri Lanka. The company boasts three state-of-the-art document-archiving warehouses and a fully equipped document digitizing and data entry center, all ISO 27001, 9001, and 45001 certified. Notably DOK Solutions has also been the recipient of the Great place to work Award in 2022,2023 and 2024 consecutively. Over the past decade, DOK Solutions has achieved steady growth, with its service portfolio and customer base to include leading banks, insurance companies, hospitals, educational institutions, and more.

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left to right – Mr. Rizan Mubarak, Head of IT, Mrs. Prabodhanie Wanigasundara, Chief Operating Officer and    Mr. Phiroze Pestonjee, Managing Director from DOK Solutions Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Mr. Sunil Savaram, CEO and Dr. Bhanu Reddy Varla, Partner Director from Plural Technology

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