Exemplifying exceptional environmental stewardship, Advantis – Project Logistics, a subsidiary of the Advantis Group, the transportation and logistics arm of Hayleys PLC, completed the rehabilitation of multiple water tanks as a part of the Climate Smart Irrigated Agriculture Projects (CSIAPs). The CSIAP has not only increased agricultural productivity but also conserved water resources, promoting sustainable farming in areas most vulnerable to climate change. This initiative aims to improve climate resilience in dry zones while augmenting water supply for agricultural purposes.

As a dynamic project logistics company offering a multitude of services across industries, the Unit has demonstrated its versatility and diversification by extending construction support to various irrigation projects. Notably, the involvement encompasses major initiatives such as the Uma Oya Multi-Purpose project, the Upper Elahera Canal project, and several others. In a natural evolution of the Unit’s capabilities, Advantis – Project Logistics distinguishes itself with its robust strengths in climate-smart irrigation technology and unmatched expertise, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless completion of projects that adhere to high-quality construction standards.

This commitment extends beyond technology, encompassing quality construction standards that underpin the durability and longevity of these projects. The Unit oversees every aspect of the process, from the initial stages to the final distribution of water supply, aiming to not only provide construction support but also to make a meaningful contribution to community well-being and sustainable development. Through the integration of advanced sensors, data analytics, and precision control mechanisms, the Company not only ensured project success but also facilitated an opportunity for enhanced food security, marking a significant stride in advancing agricultural sustainability.

Ruwan Waidyaratne, Managing Director of the Advantis Group stated, “I am immensely proud of the invaluable contribution made by Advantis – Project Logistics to the CSIAPs. The Unit’s dedication to precision and efficiency in construction has been a linchpin in ensuring the seamless execution of these projects. As a Group, we are grateful to be a part of a national-level project that aligns seamlessly with our objective of journeying towards a more resilient and climate-smart future.”

Janitha Jayanetti, Executive Director of the Advantis Group emphasised, “Our Project Logistics arm is strategically expanding its service portfolio. Simultaneously, the Projects and Engineering Cluster of Advantis is growing, amplifying our industry leadership. This era of expansion is not just about extending services, it is about creating opportunities for people. Being a part of CSAIP is a testament to our commitment to forging collaborations that transcend boundaries and enhance our collective impact. Through contributions to projects like this, Advantis is unlocking new realms of opportunities for people as well.”

Commenting on this achievement, Shadil Rizan, Director/CEO of Advantis – Project Logistics stated, “CSIAPs not only empower resource-limited small-scale farmers against climate change but also contribute significantly to advancing Sri Lanka’s food security, fostering economic growth, and maintaining ecological balance in agriculture. Our in-depth knowledge and experience played a crucial role in navigating logistics challenges, ensuring that the right equipment reached its destination precisely when needed. The strategic deployment of resources, guided by our expertise, not only optimised efficiency but also contributed to the overall success of the projects.”

Advantis – Project Logistics demonstrates dedication to expanding its efforts under the CSIAPs by hoping to engage in the construction of additional tanks in future. The Unit hopes to actively contribute to the welfare of communities, beyond mere construction, aiming to empower local communities by providing sustainable water resources, fostering agricultural development, and thereby contributing to the overall improvement of socio-economic conditions.

Advantis is a diversified transportation and logistics provider, with over six decades of experience and operations spread across Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, the Maldives, Myanmar, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Backed by the blue-chip multinational conglomerate Hayleys PLC, Advantis is at the forefront of the transportation and logistics industries providing end-to-end solutions covering Freight Management, Integrated Logistics, Marine and Energy, Projects and Engineering, and Travel and Aviation. In recognition of Advantis’ exceptional service, the Group has been honoured with the prestigious title of ‘Best Transportation and Logistics Company in Sri Lanka and South Asia’ by Global Brands Magazine. For more information on Advantis, visit www.advantis.world

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