Alumex PLC, a prominent player in the aluminium extrusion industry, capped off an exceptional 2023 year with great successes, clinching over 14 awards in the past year, affirming their leadership in shaping Sri Lanka’s export landscape and commitment to governance, sustainability, and business excellence.

At the 25th Presidential Export Awards 2023 Alumex received the coveted title of “Overall Emerging Exporter of the Year 2021/2022” and a merit award in the Light Engineering sector, testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to excellence. Alumex also won the Silver under the Machinery and Light Engineering Sector at the 31st NCE Exporter Awards.

Managing Director of Alumex PLC, Pramuk Dediwela, stated, “We have consistently played a pioneering role in the aluminium extrusion industry, setting unprecedented standards for excellence and innovation. Our proactive approach to embracing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices has positioned us as a trailblazer in global markets and helps us look for opportunities to drive export income for our country.”

Since 2019, the company pioneered the establishment of a novel export product category within the Sri Lankan export portfolio with its high-quality aluminium extrusion products. Subsequently, Alumex embarked on a journey of international expansion, successfully penetrating and developing global markets.

The company’s strategic vision and operational acumen have led to the export of substantial volumes to international markets including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore. By consistently delivering superior products and services, the company has become a trusted partner for industries seeking top-notch aluminium extrusion solutions.

This forward-thinking approach has not only broadened the spectrum of Sri Lanka’s exports but also provides a blueprint for industry peers aiming to diversify and strengthen their own export strategies and explore new avenues for global market penetration.

The company’s commitment to sustainability was highlighted with a Gold for Sustainable Product Certificate at the Annual Green Awards Ceremony. Alumex also won a Silver Award in Manufacturing at the CA Sri Lanka TAGS Awards for corporate reporting.

Dediwela highlights the company’s focus on ESG as a crucial enabler to business excellence. “We are actively developing our own ESG roadmap in alignment with the broader targets set out under the Hayleys Lifecode, which articulates the Hayleys Group’s ESG aspirations and roadmap for 2030. We are also working towards ASI certification. Our commitment extends beyond compliance, as seen in our participation in forest preservation activities, youth awareness programmes and well-being interventions for our employees.

Alumex earned the Super Gold Award at the National Industry Excellence Awards 2023, presented by the President of Sri Lanka as well as further accolades at The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries’ Achiever of Industrial Excellence Awards 2023 and the National Business Excellence Awards 2023. Alumex secured the 2nd Runners’ Up at the National Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2023.

“We are dedicated to building an inspiring team that thrives on continuous development. Our ‘Trade Test’ certifies technical skill grade employees, and recognises the excellence of operational teams through our Employee of the Month awards.” Initiatives like our ‘Speaker in You’ Toastmasters Programme and the Alumex Leadership Development Programme empower our team members,” Dediwela said.

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