DIMO Energy, the power and energy arm of the leading diversified conglomerate DIMO, with its long-standing partner for over seven decades Siemens ventured into the manufacturing of SIEMENS SIVACON S8 and SIEPAN 8PU Low Voltage (LV) Power Distribution Boards and Motor Control Centres (MCC) in Sri Lanka, targeting local and export markets.    

Mr Wijith Pushpawela Executive Director, who oversees the Power and Energy arm of DIMO said, “DIMO Energy’s venture into the panel manufacturing segment was mainly driven by the growing demand for Low Voltage Power Distribution Boards in Sri Lanka as well as in the global market. At the local level, DIMO Energy anticipates opportunities in infrastructure development, rising energy demand, and government initiatives for promoting renewable energy. Internationally, the company aims to tap into emerging markets, participate in the global energy transition, and export advanced power and energy solutions. The new venture further solidifies DIMO Energy’s brand promise of powering the future while aligning with our corporate purpose of Fuelling the dreams and aspirations of the communities”.  

This venture with Siemens grants DIMO Energy authorization to manufacture SIVACON S8 and SIEPAN 8PU under the Siemens brand, elevating the company’s manufacturing capabilities to an international level. The SIEMENS SIVACON S8, a highly modular and customizable system suitable for complex, large-scale industrial applications, and the SIEPAN 8PU catering to smaller setups, have undergone rigorous type-testing, ensuring panels are designed and verified to meet the highest global standards. These panels, aligned with international benchmarks such as IEC 61439-1, prioritize safety for both people and systems, making them well-suited for diverse applications.

These modular panels provide greater flexibility for clients when it comes to future improvements.

SIVACON and SIEPAN are expected to significantly enhance the high and medium-end segments of the local LV power distribution panel market. In the initial stage, DIMO Energy is eyeing export markets such as Maldives, Bangladesh, and the African region.

Located within the DIMO Weliweriya premises, company’s 8355 Sqft manufacturing facility, armed with the latest technologically advanced equipment and tools is dedicated to producing cutting-edge LV power distribution panels to local and international markets. These panels are carefully designed through adopting Siemens technology, reflecting the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancement.

DIMO Energy’s manufacturing expertise is fortified by well-experienced engineers, meticulously trained by Siemens. This ensures that the production of LV panels meets the highest industry standards. The company’s investment in advanced technology and facilities underscores its commitment to enhancing production efficiency to meet the growing demand in the future. 

The partnership with Siemens not only grants access to cutting-edge technologies but also leverages Siemens’ global reputation and recognition in the market. This strategic collaboration is poised to bring numerous advantages, including the development and implementation of advanced power distribution systems, optimized energy distribution, reduced losses, and a more reliable power supply nationwide. Beyond product innovation, the partnership is dedicated to contributing to skills development and knowledge transfer. By fostering expertise among local professionals and engineers in managing modern power and energy systems, the collaboration aims to elevate the industry and create a legacy of competence.   

DIMO’s longstanding partnership with Siemens has achieved significant milestones, including the establishment of the first power plant in Chunnakam in 1958 and the commencement of Grid Substations in 1995. The launch of the DIMO-Siemens Joint venture in 2019 and the initiation of the DIMO Lumin power panel assembly plant with Siemens in 2020 signifies the latest landmarks in this journey. These accomplishments underscore their shared commitment to innovation for a sustainable future.

DIMO Energy’s latest strategic alliance with Siemens positions it as a leader, introducing innovative products with a strong emphasis on safety and compliance with global standards. Looking ahead, DIMO Energy aims to become the premier LV power distribution board manufacturer in Sri Lanka, with plans to expand its presence to cover a wide range of international markets. The journey towards powering the future is marked not only by technological advancements but also by a commitment to sustainability, safety, and fostering expertise within the industry.


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Dr. Felix Neumann, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Sri Lanka, officials of AHK Sri Lanka, Representatives from Siemens and DIMO Management at the factory opening and launching ceremony.

About DIMO

Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO) is involved in a number of related fields and represents many prestigious principals – Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, Jeep, KSB, TATA Motors, MTU, Komatsu, Michelin, Zeiss, MRF, Bomag, Claas, TK Elevator, Mahindra Tractors and Stanley to name a few. From a company known for vehicles, DIMO today has diversified into many areas. Medical Engineering, Building Management Systems and Services, Power Generation and Distribution, Material Handling, Storage and Warehouse solutions, Power Tools, Agricultural Equipment, Total Lighting Solutions, Power systems and Generators, Refrigeration, Ship Repairing and Driver Training Courses are some of the areas into which DIMO has entered during the past few decades. DIMO has also diversified into fertilizer and agriculture input market. DIMO successfully entered into overseas markets in the Maldives and Myanmar, by expanding their Marine and General Engineering services through partnerships in the Maldives and their automobiles and automobile servicing segments into Myanmar. DIMO is currently working to consolidate on current overseas operations with new markets in East Africa.

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