Hayleys Lifesciences (Pvt) Ltd, a leading supplier of cutting-edge analytical, surgical, and radiology equipment and consumables in the country has introduced the state-of-the-art Dornier Medilas H140 to improve access to urological stone treatment. This technology addresses a pressing societal need in a nation with a high prevalence of kidney patients and a scarcity of advanced treatment facilities.  

The Medilas H140, developed by Dornier MedTech, is a cutting-edge Holmium: YAG Laser that combines precision and safety in treating kidney stone patients, setting a new standard for urological stone treatments in Sri Lanka. One of the highest-powered Holmium: YAG Lasers in the market today, the machine offers safer and faster stone fragmentation by combining the prowess of a laser and morcellator in a single device.  

The Dornier Medilas H140 is available at the Teaching Hospital in Anuradhapura and the Teaching Hospital in Kaluthara.

“Our mission is to advance healthcare excellence in our nation. The Medilas H140 significantly enhances patients’ access to urological stone treatments in Sri Lanka, addressing a pressing societal need. The technology provides patients with precise, safe, and minimally invasive alternatives to the conventional shockwave therapy,” said Hayleys Lifesciences Deputy Managing Director, Athula Wijayananda. 

In the past, shockwave therapy was administered externally, and its effectiveness depended on the power of the shockwave applied. However, this method often led to unpredictable outcomes as the repeated use of shockwaves could harm patients’ kidneys over time. The Medilas H140 laser treatment significantly reduces the possibility and risk of post-operative complications. 

Laser treatment, particularly the PCNL (Percutaneous Nephro Lithotripsy) approach, represents a significant leap forward in urological stone treatments. This minimally invasive procedure involves a 2 to 4-mm incision, allowing for a nephroscope to access and observe the stone. A laser, guided by advanced technology is employed to remove the stone efficiently and safely. 

Dornier MedTech is renowned for its pioneering technology and revolutionary therapies in the field of urology. The Medilas H140 offers numerous advantages, including power flexibility, compatibility with nearly all 1-phase power supplies, efficient irrigation fluid management, and a comprehensive fibre portfolio that ensures high-quality laser fibres for diverse patient cases. It also boasts a smart foot switch with a three-pedal design for easy switching between treatment modes, enhancing the user experience in urological stone treatments. 

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