Fostering Excellence: HUTCH, a prominent telecommunications leader in Sri Lanka, recently hosted the 2nd GAURAWABHIMANA Retailer Awards Ceremony at the Galle Face Hotel. The event aimed to recognize and honor the exceptional performance of its top retail partners for their outstanding achievements in the 3rd quarter.

Fifty exceptional individuals from various districts were honored and presented with gold coins as a gesture of gratitude for their unwavering dedication and resilience in overcoming a demanding environment. Furthermore, 80 high achievers were granted an exclusive retreat at a luxury hotel as a special reward. The ceremony not only celebrated achievements but also sparked a surge in promotional efforts among competing retailers vying for recognition.

Saumitra Gupta, Chief Executive Officer at HUTCH Sri Lanka, conveyed his satisfaction with the triumph of the event, remarking, “The GAURAWABHIMANA Retailer Awards epitomize our dedication to cultivating excellence within our retail network. We take pride in recognizing and rewarding the diligent efforts of our partners, whose exceptional performance has played a pivotal role in our overall success.”

Tharindu Wijerathne, General Manager – Sales at Hutch, shared insights on how the GAURAWABHIMANA Retailer Awards Ceremony has significantly influenced market dynamics. He emphasized, “This event has cultivated a competitive environment that has been pivotal in enhancing Hutch’s market visibility and impact. The commitment of our retail partners in navigating a challenging market is commendable and worthy of acknowledgment and celebration as they play a vital role in propelling our business forward.”

As HUTCH continues its commitment to empowering retail partners, the company remains steadfast in nurturing a culture of excellence and actively contributing to market expansion. With a forward-looking approach, Hutch envisions a future where innovation, collaboration, and dedication converge to elevate the telecommunications landscape in Sri Lanka.


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