The Plastics and Rubber Institute of Sri Lanka (PRISL), recently convened its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at its Head Office in Rajagiriya. Against the backdrop of Sri Lanka’s economic revival of post-COVID-19, and amidst various challenges, PRISL celebrated its 63 years of serving as the trusted knowledge partner to the polymer industry in Sri Lanka. It has played a crucial national role in capacity building for technical and professional personnel in the rubber and plastics industries. 

The recently elected Office Bearers at PRISL’s AGM bring a wealth of expertise to their roles. Leading the organization as President is Mr. P P Perera, assisting him in this endeavor are Vice Presidents Dr. Upul Ratnayake and Mr. Prabath Jayasinghe, individuals with a proven track record of leadership and strategic vision. The role of Secretary will be taken on by Mr. Pio Perera, and the Treasurer will be Mr. K. A. C. Vidyaratne, supporting the team in an administrative capacity is Assistant Secretary Mrs. Devaki Rodrigo, collectively forming a dynamic team poised for continued success.

The Outgoing President of PRISL, Mr. Kalyana Dhirasekera, remarked, “I would like to emphasize our commitment as a non-profit organization dedicated to our Vision and Mission. With a legacy of 63 years, PRISL has navigated political, economic, and social challenges, emerging stronger. Our Annual General Meeting marks a pivotal moment as we chart a course towards a dynamic and impactful future, bridging the strengths of the young and the experienced.”   

The incoming President of PRISL, Mr. P P Perera, further stated, “We are dedicated to propelling the growth of the Sri Lankan polymer industry, positioning PRISL as a pivotal hub for networking and a catalyst for our members’ interests. By implementing innovative initiatives, supporting ethical industry guidelines, and maintaining high standards through professional memberships, PRISL aims to be a dynamic player in the sector. Our strategic initiatives, blending youthful dynamism with seasoned wisdom and expertise, signify our commitment to contribute significantly to the nation’s economic growth and technological advancement.” 

In line with their vision and objectives, PRISL is committed to fostering the growth of the Sri Lankan polymer industry. As a pivotal institution, PRISL envisions itself as not only a hub for networking but also as a driving force in promoting the interests of its members. The institute aims to achieve this through innovative initiatives such as regular technical meetings, seminars, workshops conferences, local and global exhibitions and visits to manufacturing plants and industrial sites. 

Amidst the vital signs of the nation’s economic recovery, PRISL recognizes its role in contributing to the economy. The institute actively supports the development of the plastic and rubber sectors by imparting sound ethical guidelines to the industry. Through its professional grades of membership, PRISL is dedicated to upholding high standards of education and professional competence in the science, engineering, and technology of plastics and rubber.

The infusion of youthful dynamism into PRISL’s new management structure, coupled with the wisdom and experience of seasoned professionals, signals a progressive step forward. As PRISL embarks on key strategic initiatives, it aims to consolidate its position as a dynamic and influential player in the Sri Lankan polymer industry, contributing significantly to the nation’s economic growth and technological advancement.

For more information about PRISL and its programs visit or contact +94112864354.


Image caption –

Office Bearers Appointed at the AGM, seated from Left to Right  Mrs.Devaki Rodrigo (Assistant Secretary), Mr. Prabath Jayasinghe (Vice President), Dr. Upul.Ratnayake (Vice President) ,
Mr. P P Perera (President),Mr. Pio Perera (Secretary),Mr.K.A.C. Vidyaratne (Treasurer)

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