PeoplesHR by hSenid Business Solutions PLC has embarked on a significant rebranding journey, aiming to fortify its brand image to align seamlessly with the dynamic global Human Capital Management (HCM) landscape. This strategic transformation represents a departure from conventional models to embrace a modernist approach, integrating innovation and technology to cater to the evolving needs of the contemporary business and HR environment. The brand archetype seeks to position PeoplesHR as a trusted advisor, a fount of wisdom, and a guiding force in the intricate realm of HR management.

Vichalya Wijesuriya, Head of Marketing and Communications at PeoplesHR, emphasized the global resonance of the rebranding effort, stating, “As we realign the look and feel of PeoplesHR, we aim to embody values that resonate on a global scale, ensuring that our brand epitomizes the changing dynamics and demands of the industry.”

In a commitment to empower businesses and individuals in navigating HR management practices, PeoplesHR introduces the PeoplesHR Community—a visionary initiative designed to bring together HR thought leaders for mutual growth and collaboration.

CEO of PeoplesHR, Sampath Jayasundara, conveyed his enthusiasm for this new chapter, asserting, “The PeoplesHR rebranding initiative and the launch of the PeoplesHR Community mark a significant milestone in the organization’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and global HR leadership. With the introduction of the PeoplesHR Community, we aim to create a space where HR professionals can unite, collaborate, and move forward with a global vision. This is about bringing together the HR fraternity to inspire and innovate collectively.”

The PeoplesHR Community is a meticulously curated platform transcending conventional networking boundaries. It serves as a dynamic space facilitating the exchange of knowledge, insights, and experiences through diverse channels, including events, webinars, podcasts, round table discussions, panel sessions, and articles. Recognizing the invaluable contributions of distinguished HR professionals, the PeoplesHR Community is positioned as the central hub for transforming the HR landscape, both locally and globally. Leveraging the extensive experience and network of thought leaders, the platform is dedicated to nurturing HR excellence and fostering a thriving HR community.

PeoplesHR  a trusted name in the HR Tech industry with over 25 years of experience in Asia and the APAC region. The HR ecosystem encapsulates all HR requirements including a marketplace built for HR professionals, tracking and security solutions and collaboration tools for employees, and the convenience of HR outsourcing.

PeoplesHR has supported over 1600 HR departments in over 40 countries while operating across 6 nations and is recognized as Sri Lanka’s 1st enterprise software product company to be listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. 


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