Hayleys Solar, as the No 01. Solar Provider in Sri Lanka has unveiled its latest product offering to the local market – solar-powered water pumps, a significant step towards addressing Sri Lanka’s water supply challenges with sustainable and efficient solutions.

This product not only showcases their dedication to renewable energy but also offers substantial savings for various sectors, from agriculture to residential areas. With easy installation and a range of capacities, these pumps are poised to make a positive impact in ensuring a stable water supply.

With more than a decade of exceptional market experience and a track record of successfully installing over 150 MW of rooftop solar power systems nationwide, Hayleys Solar is the renewable energy division of Hayleys Fentons.

Expressing his views on this development, Hasith Prematillake, the Managing Director of Hayleys Fentons stated “Sri Lanka faces water supply challenges in various sectors, including agriculture, livestock management, and mining. The launch of solar-powered water pumps offers a sustainable solution to mitigate these challenges and ensure a consistent water supply, which is a pressing issue in the country.”

According to Roshane Perera, Executive Director and CEO of Hayleys Solar, this innovative solution is ideal for a wide range of applications, becoming a greener alternative to large-scale water supply projects. Especially for large estate applications where the area is larger we have designed a portable solar pumping system eliminating the requirement of multiple pumps which becomes a more economical solution.”

“By harnessing solar energy, these pumps significantly reduce operational costs while maximising efficiency. This translates into substantial savings for farmers, homeowners, and businesses alike. This is an environment-friendly sustainable approach since Sri Lanka gets abundant sunlight.” 

“With the long-lasting stainless-steel finish, these pumps are built to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, making them suitable for diverse landscapes and climates. This ensures durability and is also requires minimal maintenance,” added Perera.

According to Mahesh Abeywickrama, the Deputy General Manager of the company, what makes this product stand out is its easy installation which requires minimal technical expertise. Customers can quickly set up the system and start benefiting from solar-driven water pumping.

 “We understand that every water management requirement is unique. That’s why our Solar-Powered Water Pumps come in a range of capacities, from 0.5HP to 2HP, and we can pump up to an impressive 25,000 litres per day,” says Abeywickrama.

For inquiries and more information, please contact the Hayleys Solar hotline at 0112 102 102.


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