Alumex PLC, a renowned symbol of excellence and forward-thinking and the flagship entity of the Hayleys Group’s Construction Materials sector, reveals a strategic expansion of its product line-up. This visionary endeavour seeks to enhance the well-being of homeowners and their families by introducing a selection of cutting-edge aluminium products specially crafted to revolutionise everyday living environments.

Whether looking to enhance convenience, functionality, aesthetics, or even safety, Alumex has thoughtfully curated a collection of home accessories to meet the unique needs of homeowners and their families, including mobile phone holders to mirrors, multi-purpose racks, and more.

Mr. Pramuk Dediwela, Managing Director of Alumex PLC said, “In our pursuit of excellence at Alumex PLC, we believe in the enduring legacy of our products, which have been crafted with the highest standard raw materials to meet the present needs of our valued customers, from enhancing convenience, functionality, aesthetics, and safety. Our unwavering dedication is a testament to our commitment to serve our customers diligently.”

When improving or constructing a home, many consult architects for long-lasting solutions.   The Sliding Windows of the Alumex Building System (ABS) offer durability and a modern look, challenging the perception that wood is the only stylish choice. Alumex combines wood finishes and aluminium’s strength, providing a contemporary, long-lasting solution that saves costs over time. Informed choices in this space can elevate living spaces and promote sustainability. Alumex’s products are built to withstand the test of time, backed by an impressive up to 30-year warranty.

The” Dwelling” Multi-purpose rack by Alumex is also on offer by Alumex. It is designed to adapt to various locations in the home, making it an essential addition to living spaces. Whether consumers need extra storage in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage, this versatile rack is up to the task.

The company’s Alumex threshold solutions are designed to bridge the gap between the door bottom and the floor, offering multiple benefits. They help keep insects at bay, reduce air leaks, and prevent unnecessary energy wastage from air conditioning. Installation is a breeze, whether customers choose to use screws or a 3M-type sticker for easy fixation.

The newest addition to the Alumex ladder range: the Alumex BB Ladder will soon enter the Sri Lankan market. This exceptional 2.5-foot stepladder has been meticulously designed to offer an ideal solution for accessing those hard-to-reach spots in your home, office, or warehouse. Recognising the importance of safety, the Alumex BB Ladder comes equipped with various safety features from slip-resistant steps to a secure locking mechanism.

Another product on offer is ‘Dwelling’ Mirror collection by Alumex which combines elegance with practicality. These mirrors feature 5mm thick Belgium glass with safety stickers, ensuring longevity and peace of mind. The versatile design allows for easy installation in both horizontal and vertical positions, thanks to convenient screw holes and included screws and wall plugs. With three colour options available, consumers can choose a mirror that complements decor, all backed by a generous 10-year warranty. These mirrors add beauty to spaces and enhance functionality.

‘Dwelling’ multifunctional Aluminium Mobile/Tab stands are engineered for strength and durability. Crafted from high-quality aluminium material, this mobile holder not only offers exceptional bearing capacity but is also wear-resistant. This multi-functional aluminium innovation can securely hold a mobile phone or tablet, whether in a horizontal or vertical orientation, making it suitable for studying, working in the office, or entertainment.

Another product on offer is a set of ‘Dwelling’ Aluminium rulers by Alumex, designed with precision and versatility in mind, engraved with clear and exact calibrations that stand the test of time. For a student, architect, engineer, artist, designer, teacher, or anyone in need of precise measurements, these multipurpose rulers are perfect. They feature dual-sided measuring with both centimetre and inch scales, making them ideal for drawing straight lines, marking surfaces for cutting or sewing, and more.

With Alumex, homeowners invest in enduring quality and sustainability. The company employs a circular process that recycles materials, significantly reducing environmental impact. Discover the Alumex difference and enrich your daily life with products that enhance your living spaces while also minimizing your environmental footprint.

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