Clogard one of Sri Lanka’s most trusted oral hygiene brands, has taken a giant leap towards promoting good oral hygiene from the very beginning of a child’s life. In a new initiative, Clogard Chooty is proud to announce the launch of its pre-school program, aimed at instilling essential oral care habits in children right from their early years. This initiative is a testament to Clogard’s enduring commitment to fostering oral health in Sri Lanka and its dedication to ensuring good oral health for generations to come.

Clogard has been at the forefront of oral health promotion in Sri Lanka for several decades. With a rich history of conducting numerous initiatives to educate and raise awareness about oral health and hygiene, the brand has consistently strived to be a positive force in the community. Backed by the Sri Lankan Dental Association, Clogard has earned its reputation as a trusted authority in oral care.

The launch of this exciting pre-school program coincides with International Children’s Day, celebrated in the month of October, making it even more special. Clogard Chooty recognizes the importance of early intervention when it comes to oral hygiene and is committed to playing a pivotal role in nurturing oral hygiene in the country’s youngest citizens.

What sets Clogard Chooty apart is its dedication to ensuring the highest quality oral care products for children. Clogard Chooty was the first kids’ toothpaste brand to achieve certification from both the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLS) and the Sri Lankan Dental Association (SLDA), underlining its commitment to safety and quality.

The pre-school program is designed to be both educational and entertaining. It places a strong emphasis on teaching proper brushing techniques and promoting good oral hygiene practices while making the learning experience engaging and fun for children.

Clogard Chooty toothpaste is not only sugar-free but also formulated specifically for children’s teeth, providing effective protection against cavities. With delightful flavors like Strawberry and Mango, Clogard Chooty ensures that brushing becomes a flavorful and enjoyable part of a child’s daily routine.

As Clogard Chooty takes this bold step towards nurturing a healthier future, it reaffirms its commitment to building a cavity-free nation. The brand invites parents, educators, and children alike to join hands in this exciting journey towards a healthier Sri Lanka.


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