In Quickee’s ongoing mission to revolutionize online shopping in Sri Lanka and prioritize customer convenience, has recently introduced American Express Credit Cards on its platform. This partnership between Nations Trust Bank American Express and Quickee will bring immense value to its customers by offering enhanced convenience., the beloved online marketplace in Sri Lanka, stands out with its integrated delivery fulfillment service and a dedicated physical operational hub equipped with its own rider fleet and call center to support this distinctive digital commerce platform. True to its commitment, “Convenience Delivered,” the business remains steadfast in providing enhanced convenience to its customer base through its newly revamped offering with American Express Credit Cards.

Nations Trust Bank American Express, the market leader in the Cards industry servicing a premium clientele is renowned for its exceptional customer service and offering an array of rewards, benefits and Cardmember Privileges.

Speaking on this new partnership, Pandula De Silva, General Manager, Marketing and Business Development at Quickee, said, “With the introduction of American Express Cards into our offering, we can now take our commitment to customer satisfaction even further. American Express is widely recognized for its exceptional value and the convenience it provides to Cardmembers. We feel that the wide range of products on offer, coupled with our innovative service portfolio will resonate especially well with the American Express Clientele.

By incorporating American Express Credit Cards into our services, we can extend these benefits to our own clientele. Quickee is always ready to offer you a convenient service with the help of its Customer Care Centre. Our operations and friendly trilingual customer support are available 9am to 3am 7 days a week. You can either contact us via a WhatsApp call or a message and our agents will help fulfill your needs. also provides a range of innovative services such as Concierge Services and Quickee SOS. This newly introduced “Quickee Concierge,” is a new solution in Sri Lanka specifically designed for busy working parents and multitasking homemakers. Quickee Concierge provides a unique combination of virtual and real shopping assistance along with PPU (Personal Pick-Up) and delivery.With this service, a dedicated Quickee rider will take your shopping list, personally visit multiple stores on your behalf, make the purchases, and deliver them to your doorstep in one convenient trip. This comprehensive service allows you to save valuable time and utilize these “time slots” to focus on the things that truly matter to you. It’s important to note that is currently the most exclusive online marketplace in Sri Lanka offering this exceptional service.

“Quickee SOS” is another novel service designed to assist you in urgent situations related to your shopping or home necessities. We are ready to serve you in any emergency need in the middle of the night from baby items to party needs till 3 AM. All you have to do is ring or text Quickee Whatsapp.

Our flexible delivery options include Rapid Express (30 minutes), Express Delivery (30-90 minutes), and Normal Delivery (1-4 working days). “We offer “Late Night Dining” with delivery available until 3 AM. Quickee offers convenient payment options such as Cash on Delivery, Card on Delivery, Bank Transfers, Online Payments, and QR payments. Our express delivery service extends towards Pharmacy and spare parts, along with recently introduced Printing Services., a wholly owned subsidiary of Expolanka Holdings PLC, has emerged as a prominent player in the online retail and delivery sector, driven by convenience. Over the years, has undergone a significant transformation, solidifying its position as a pioneering force in Sri Lanka’s digital commerce landscape. With its expanded capabilities, is now equipped to cater to the needs of both local and international customers, positioning itself as an innovative leader in the industry. Quickee was also awarded Gold in The Online Brand of the Year at the SLIM Brand Excellence Awards 2022.

ENDS Image caption- ‘Quickee team with the Nations Trust Bank, American Express team’

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