Bureau Veritas Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, the authorized certification and auditing organization, is pleased to audit and certify hSenid Business Solutions PLC (hSenidBiz) with ISO/IEC 27017:2015, marking a significant milestone in cloud security practices in Sri Lanka.
ISO/IEC 27017:2015, a globally recognized standard tailored for cloud security underscores hSenid’s ongoing dedication to the implementation of cloud security best practices along with its dedicated cloud security team, ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive information stored and processed remotely.

Sampath Jayasundara, CEO of hSenid Business Solutions PLC, expressed his comments on this remarkable achievement, stating, “At hSenid, we are committed to continuous improvements of security and reliability for our cloud services. It is a reaffirmation of our firm commitment to data security that we have achieved ISO 27017 certification, demonstrating our readiness to meet the increasingly demanding needs of our customers. We’re pleased to introduce cloud security standards in Sri Lanka, and we look forward to offering our clients more confidence in their data.”

Shan Nanayakara, Country General Manager of Bureau Veritas Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, expressed his sincere congratulations to hSenid Business Solutions PLC, stating, “Congratulations to hSenid for reaching this milestone as the first organisation in Sri Lanka to achieve ISO 27017 certification for Cloud Security Control. We are glad to be the auditing and certifying organisation for hSenidBiz “

Consultancy service was provided by Ernst and Young, a globally reputed name in its field. Gayan Wijesundara, Senior Manager, Technology Consulting at Ernst and Young mentioned, “It has been a great privilege to be the Consulting Partner for hSenid throughout the certification journey all the way from the initial gap assessment, implementation, pre-readiness assessment and certification support for both the ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 Standards. We strongly believe that hSenid has set the benchmark for the whole industry as to how to establish an industry leading Cloud Security Framework as per the leading international standards for cloud platforms hosted on global public cloud Infrastructure with a view to ensuring not only the quality but also the Information Security of its service offerings to its local and global clientele.”

Bureau Veritas is the world’s leading certification and auditing body, dedicated to ensuring the quality, safety, and security of products, services, and systems. With a legacy of excellence and a global presence, Bureau Veritas plays a pivotal role in certifying and auditing organizations, setting industry standards, and contributing to the advancement of best practices across various sectors. For more information, please visit https://www.bureauveritas.lk/.

hSenid Business Solutions PLC is a renowned name in the IT industry and recognised as the 1st enterprise software product company to be listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. Transforming HR over the last 26 years, PeoplesHR by hSenid Business Solutions PLC has supported over 1400 HR departments in over 40 countries across 20 industries while operating across 6 nations and one of the most trusted names in the HR Tech industry in Asia Pacific, Africa, and Middle Eastern regions, capturing all HR needs with HCM solutions along with an HR ecosystem. For more information visit www.peopleshr.com.


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The team of Bureau Veritas Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, hSenid Business Solutions PLC and Ernst and Young

hSenid Business Solutions receiving the certification from Bureau Veritas, together with Ernst and Young

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