Educational Experts and Leaders Converge to Shape the Future of Learning in Sri Lanka

Cambridge University Press and Assessment hosted a Cambridge Education Conclave in Sri Lanka, which brought together distinguished experts and educators from the field of education from across the island nation, to explore the growth map of education and envision its future.  The event, held in Columbo, discussed on-going developments in the education ecosystem and featured thought-provoking keynote addresses, discussions and insightful presentations by the thought leaders present. The event also provided a platform to connect, exchange ideas, and forge collaborations that will contribute to the growth and development of the education ecosystem in Sri Lanka.

With the theme centered on “Envisioning the Growth Map in Education,” the event attracted luminaries and experts from across the education ecosystem to the Cambridge Education Conclave to explore and define a ‘Growth Map in Education‘ for the country. The event delved deep into the ever-evolving education landscape, igniting progressive discussions around skill-intensive learning, the role of English proficiency, holistic education frameworks, climate education, and foundational learning. Attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose, understanding that Cambridge qualifications are key to unlocking future opportunities for students across K12 and beyond in Sri Lanka.

The conclave also served as a catalyst for educational innovation and collaboration, reaffirming Cambridge University Press & Assessment’s commitment to shaping a brighter educational future in the country. The conclave inspired students to unleash their inner potential, give wings to their imagination, indulge in creative pursuits, take lessons from the experiences cultivate out-of-the box thinking, and pursue their passion, all while coping with academic requirements.

The conclave commenced with a warm welcome and compelling keynote address by Arun Rajamani, Managing Director of Cambridge University Press & Assessment, South Asia. His address, titled “Education 360 degrees – Skill-intensive education,” set the stage for a day filled with thought-provoking ideation and insights into the dynamic educational landscape of the country.

Paul Colbert, Deputy Managing Director & Commercial Director of English at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, took the stage to shed light on, “English and its applicability – Setting the stage for global learners.” The subsequent Q&A session with Paul provided attendees with the opportunity to discuss and delve deeper into the subject of the global relevance of English.

A dynamic “Fire-side chat” between Paul Colbert and Orlando Edwards, Country Director of the British Council, Sri Lanka, ignited discussions on “Making English effective in Sri Lankan schools,” emphasizing the crucial role of English proficiency in the modern education landscape.

Catie Sheret, General Counsel at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, addressed the critical theme of “Climate Education in the Classroom,” and shared her insights that underscored the importance of incorporating environmental education into the academic curriculum to prepare future generations for the climate linked challenges increasingly affecting their world.

Mandy Hill, Managing Director of Academic at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, shared her expertise on “The Role and Importance of Foundational Learning.” Her presentation emphasized the significance of strong educational foundations in shaping the trajectory of learners.

The event also hosted a engaging panel discussion on “Building a Holistic Education Framework.” Participants explored varied topics such as Early Years Education and its importance, and also discussed strategies to help teachers deliver competency-based curriculum and assessments. The session featured an engaging Q&A interaction, encouraging a further exchange of meaningful ideas and perspectives.

The conclave concluded with a wrap-up and closing remarks by Arun Rajamani, who reminded attendees that “Cambridge qualifications are the passport for the future.” His words left a lasting impression, highlighting the enduring value that a Cambridge education provides to a learner.

The Cambridge Education Conclave in Sri Lanka was a resounding success, fostering dialogue, innovation, and collaboration among key stakeholders in the education sector. This event reaffirmed Cambridge’s commitment to shaping the future of education in Sri Lanka and equipping young learners with the skills they need to navigate a rapidly changing world.


Image Caption – Cambridge Senior Leadership team at Cambridge Education Conclave Sri Lanka 2023

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