The escalating trend of rising cancer rates in Sri Lanka underscores the critical importance of proactive measures. Over the past years, the incidence of cancer in Sri Lanka has surged from 13,372 cases in 2005 to a staggering 31,848 cases in 2019, marking a significant surge of 138%. Globally cancer incidences have risen at similar rates. The World Health Organization and other leading international organizations have indicated early detection of cancer is one of the most effective strategies for the fight against cancer.

Early detection yields more efficacious treatment outcomes and improves recovery prospects. Herein emerges the promising innovation of Opthascan, a newly unveiled non-invasive screening application for several internal cancers. Setting itself apart as the first-of-its-kind on-demand, real-time screening solution, Opthascan offers a beacon of hope in the fight against cancer.

Opthascan is for the first time in South Asia introducing their pioneering technology which harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to detect various forms of cancer non-invasively. By merely analyzing a photograph of a patient’s iris, the product boasts an impressive accuracy rate of over 98% in diagnosing internal cancers including, but not limited to, lung, prostate, breast, uterine and cervical cancers.

Having gone through clinical trials, Opthascan garners approvals and accreditation from the European Union. Furthermore, the solution is live in four European countries as well as parts of Africa. The solution is also GDPR compliant, ensuring the integrity of data and robust measures which makes it impervious to breaches. At present, Opthascan is live in Sri Lanka, striving to democratize this transformative technology within Sri Lanka with the help of the Government. This concerted endeavor emerges as a substantial contribution to the nation’s overarching battle against cancer.

The potency of early identification lies in its potential to catalyze prompt medical responses and effective treatment protocols.

In the words of Bren Sambunathan, “Opthascan ushers in a new era of hope, where cutting-edge technology aligns with the collective determination to alleviate the impact of cancer on our society.” Through Opthascan’s unwavering commitment to early detection and its consequential transformative potential, the future holds promise in the pursuit of a healthier, cancer-resilient Sri Lanka.

ENDS Image caption- Opthascan leadership at the launch event

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