DIMO, a leading diversified conglomerate and the sole Authorized General Distributor for Mercedes-Benz in Sri Lanka has unveiled an exciting leap towards sustainable mobility with the introduction of the all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQ range to the local market. 

The all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQ Range offered by DIMO includes the impressive line-up of Mercedes-Benz EQA, EQB, EQE, EQE SUV, EQS & EQS SUV, catering to diverse customer segments. With this significant introduction of electric mobility to the nation, DIMO reinforces its commitment to the company’s sustainability agenda for 2030, which centers on providing innovative and sustainable products to build a resilient business.

EQA is the name of the new entry-level model in the all-electric world of Mercedes-Benz EQ vehicles. The dynamic design of its SUV body is an indicator of the driving enjoyment to be found on board. Offering an excellent compromise between performance & costs, the EQA is the first all-electric member of the compact car vehicle from Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz EQA delivers all the thrilling characteristics of the vehicle, combined in this case with an efficient electric powertrain. The EQA with 140 kW output has a driving range of 450 km.

The EQB captures Mercedes-EQ’s Progressive Luxury with an edgy and characterful SUV. It features the signature black panel grille with a central star, along with a continuous light strip at the front and rear. The EQB with 140 kW output has a driving range of 450 km.

As another model series based on the electric architecture for large vehicles (EVA2), the EQE business saloon exudes a sporty “purpose design.” It embodies the distinctive elements of Mercedes-Benz EQ, characterized by one-bow lines and a cab-forward design. The EQE with 215 kW output has a driving range of 650 km.

The EQE 4MATIC SUV, which is a versatile variant of the EQE executive sedan, combines essential innovations from the EQS while maintaining a dynamic edge, and its spacious interior accommodates countless needs. The EQE SUV with 215 kW output has a driving range of 500 km.

Marking the debut of Mercedes-Benz EQ’s first all-electric luxury saloon, the EQS redefines the luxury segment. It embodies cutting-edge technology, design, functionality, and connectivity, promising an exceptional experience for both drivers and passengers. The EQS with 265 kW output has a driving range of 700 km.

The EQS 4MATIC  SUV stands as an avant-garde, luxurious solution for up to seven occupants. With powerful electric motors and responsive all-wheel drive, it conquers light terrain while adhering to sustainability principles. The EQS SUV with 265 kW output has a driving range of 550 km.

Rajeev Pandithage, Executive Director of DIMO and overseer of the Mobility segment within the Group said, “At a global level, we stand at a critical juncture in the realm of electrification. DIMO is fully equipped for this electrifying journey, boasting a versatile array of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles. The maintenance qualifications for these vehicles play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of our community. Our team of highly trained specialists and state-of-the-art tools are well-prepared for servicing and repairing these electric vehicles. Furthermore, DIMO is geared to offer tailor-made EV Infrastructure including Solar Grid Solutions, Home & Commercial Charging installations, etc. As a trailblazer in the automotive industry, DIMO remains committed to fuelling the dreams and aspirations of the nation by spearheading electric mobility across the country.”

As the sole Authorized General Distributor for Mercedes-Benz in Sri Lanka only DIMO offers a Mercedes-Benz AG Manufacturer Warranty of 8 Years/160,000 km for EQA & EQB while 10 Years/250,000 km for EQE & EQS models for HV Batteries, trusted DIMO Aftersales Services, free 24-hour island-wide roadside assistance, computerised vehicle maintenance records and more. Vehicle owners will also avail themselves of DIMO’s exceptional customer care through the services of a dedicated Sales Consultant and Service Adviser. Additionally, DIMO also offers free vehicle collection and return services offering greater convenience to valued customers.

All repairs are performed by Mercedes-Benz Technical Experts, as per Mercedes-Benz AG guidelines using Genuine parts with the latest Mercedes-Benz AG recommended software updates tailored for specific vehicle models directly via the manufacturer’s systems.  Furthermore, DIMO assists customers with insurance and warranty claims and also provides access to exclusive Service Programs personally conducted by Mercedes-Benz AG Technical Experts. 

DIMO’s esteemed partner, Mercedes-Benz AG, is dedicated to achieving a carbon-neutral new car fleet under its “Ambition 2039” initiative. By 2030, over half of the cars sold by Mercedes-Benz AG will feature electric drive systems, aligning with a commitment to global sustainability. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz AG ensures carbon-neutral manufacturing processes and employs resource-saving materials, reflecting a comprehensive dedication to eco-conscious practices. 

DIMO’s introduction of the all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQ range marks a monumental stride towards sustainable mobility. As a responsible organization, DIMO has implemented the necessary mechanisms to dispose and re-export of the batteries of these vehicles once their lifetime has been surpassed. Endorsing ethical business practices in the nation, DIMO looks forward to attracting and retaining valued like-minded customers and partners to take the legacy forward as their perfect mobility partner. 


About DIMO

Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO) is involved in a number of related fields and represents many prestigious principals – Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, Jeep, KSB, TATA Motors, MTU, Komatsu, Michelin, Zeiss, MRF, Bomag, Claas, TK Elevator, Mahindra Tractors and Stanley to name a few. From a company known for vehicles, DIMO today has diversified into many areas. Medical Engineering, Building Management Systems and Services, Power Generation and Distribution, Material Handling, Storage and Warehouse solutions, Power Tools, Agricultural Equipment, Total Lighting Solutions, Power systems and Generators, Refrigeration, Ship Repairing and Driver Training Courses are some of the areas into which DIMO has entered during the past few decades. DIMO has also diversified into fertilizer and agriculture input market. DIMO successfully entered into overseas markets in the Maldives and Myanmar, by expanding their Marine and General Engineering services through partnerships in the Maldives and their automobiles and automobile servicing segments into Myanmar. DIMO is currently working to consolidate on current overseas operations with new markets in East Africa.

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