Prásara, the Hela Osu infused wellness brand from Hemas Manufacturing, proudly opened its all-new Herbarium on the 5th July 2023 in Dankotuwa. This all-new Herbarium consists over 200 unique Hela Osu plants and was designed to serve as a hub for education and research, welcoming schools and universities to explore the wonders of Sri Lanka’s age-old practices of hela veda kama.

Prásara celebrated this milestone by partnering with key schools in the western province and extended invitation to their students to partake in this educational experience. The Prásara herbarium was designed and built in collaboration with Gampaha Wickramarachchi University of Indigenous Medicine and the partnership supported an effective knowledge sharing to the young learners about the fascinating world of Sri Lanka’s traditional Hela Osu plants.

As part of the educational initiative, Prásara organized guided tours to its factory, where students witnessed the firsthand production process of Hemas Manufacturing. Students discovered and gained knowledge on the process of the infusion of the herbs they saw in the herbarium used in Prásara’s renowned product range which includes soaps, toothpaste, face care, and an ayurvedic tonic which contain 100% authentic extract of Hela Osu. All Prásara products are based on an age-old Hela Osu recipe that uses an authentic herbal extract concreated by ayurvedha doctors to provide natural wellness balance to the entire family. 

Prásara’s Herbarium launched on the 5th of July 2023 will pave the way for a harmonious collaboration between academia and hela osu medicine. This visionary initiative will not only contribute to the preservation of Sri Lanka’s traditional healing practices but also empower young learners to unlock the potential of nature’s remedies.

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