Orion City IT Park, welcomes Atlas Axillia Co. (Pvt) Ltd, the leading stationery & learning company in Sri Lanka, who has chosen Orion City as the ideal location for their Marketing and Growth team. Atlas Axillia was founded in 1959 and has evolved into Sri Lanka’s foremost learning company fully owned by Hemas Holding Limited. With the goal of enhancing creativity and productivity, Atlas Axillia is confident that Orion City will support their sales and marketing functions while continuing to expand their business.

Radiksha Rabichandran (Marketing Manager) of Atlas Axillia commented on the decision: “Our aim was to craft a truly exceptional space for our marketing and growth teams – one that would embody creativity, freedom, and collaboration, while simultaneously driving productivity and fostering ground-breaking innovation. Orion City emerged as the perfect choice for our new office as a result of its location, top-notch infrastructure, and unrivalled facilities, which perfectly align with our vision. By establishing our presence in this remarkable space, Atlas Axillia is poised to continue leading the charge as Sri Lanka’s leading learning company, unleashing the potential of our future generations.”

Orion City’s stress-free environment and uninterrupted power supply are credited for facilitating our Company’s highly efficient daily operations. Moreover, with its strategic location and plethora of amenities, Orion City enables employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance. The Complex houses over 60 local and international companies, offering employees access to a 24×7 dedicated help desk.

 Additional conveniences include ample car parking, power backup, food and beverage outlets, a fitness center, and other facilities such as a supermarket, bank outlets, and ATMs. To ensure uninterrupted power supply, Orion City employs energy-efficient technologies and plentiful storage and fuel.

Orion City also offers daily garbage disposal, janitorial services, and pest control to ensure cleanliness. Lastly, its proximity to the main City Limits and easy access to the Colombo-Katunayake Airport expressway, train stations, and bus stops make it an ideal location for businesses.

Atlas Axillia joins over 60 local and international companies currently served by Orion City. By choosing Orion City as their hub for marketing and growth, Atlas Axillia is poised to leverage its exceptional services and facilities to further expand its business as the leading learning organization in the Country.

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