The Overseas School of Colombo (OSC) will organize an Open Day on Saturday, the 25th of March 2023, at the school premises in Pelawatte, Battaramulla from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Did you know The Overseas School of Colombo (OSC) is truly a world-class educational institution? With its origins dating back to 1957 OSC has achieved its hallmark as a school of unequivocal academic finesse, multi-cultural diversity, and an elite facility specializing in progressive experiential learning. 

OSC has the sole distinction of being the only IB World School in Sri Lanka, as well as the status as Sri Lanka’s oldest internationally ascribed educational institution – fully accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA).

The International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma programme is recognized worldwide by leading universities and is considered an all-round academic benchmark that educates, enriches, and empowers students with intellectual, physical, emotional, and ethical excellence.  

But you may wonder how else OSC stands apart from other schools and educational facilities. 

Firstly, OSC offers a globally recognized progressive curriculum that grasps the insights and value of developing holistic, all-round children. Young adults who can face the challenges of the world with compassion, courage, and curiosity. 

That means the programmes are ever evolving, and constantly changing along with the transitions taking place around the world in the academic, corporate, business, and professional landscapes. The world’s education system always evolves, and thus OSC has an adaptive approach, ensuring the curriculum is immaculately aligned, staying on par with the aforementioned advancements. 

Unlike the traditional education system, which is widely outdated, mostly irrelevant, and insipidly inconsistent with modern learning, OSC ascertains what students learn is up-to-date, relevant, resonant, and reflective of what’s currently trending and valued as academic disciplines in the world today. Children are equipped with the knowledge, skillsets, and experience to tackle and face real-world challenges and problems.

Keeping with this highly progressive approach to remain aligned with global academic standards of this day and age, OSC facilitates inquiry-based experiential learning. Students are not encouraged to merely memorize and clinically follow their modules and lessons, but rather are empowered to practice critical thinking, nurture emotional intelligence, and cultivate team-building skills with tactical acuteness. 

The curriculum also motivates learners to take up sports and extracurriculars, social responsibility, and sustainability projects, and also diligently hone their creative and innovative talents, while ensuing to excel in their respective, chosen disciplines. At OSC primary and secondary learners are geared to choose career paths that are sustainable, applicable, and relevant to the rising competitive demands of the professional world.  

The Greek philosopher Aristotle said ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, and while OSC concurs this wise truth is apt, it also believes that the entire whole is made great by each of its significant individual parts. Therefore, the powerful fellowship and multi-cultural camaraderie that all children develop at OSC cannot be overlooked. Learners establish lifelong bonds with other children from over 40 nationalities, and it’s safe to say that there is no harm in having made friends who will rise up as visionary and impactful figures around the globe! The bountiful networks fostered at OSC are robust, diverse, and prolific lifelong connections. 

The educators at OSC are truthfully a league apart. From the school’s class size policy of maintaining a 1:6 teacher-to-student ratio, to having 63 diverse professionals from 16 different countries around the world, to OSC educators ensuring the educational institution upholds its brilliant, flawless 100% pass rate… is ample proof of the educational institution’s commitment to exemplify excellence without compromise.   

Your child’s education is certainly an investment. An all-encompassing holistic education will avail your child with the appropriate tools, acuity, intellect, physical prowess, emotional balance, and social skills to grow into accountable, dutiful, and exceptional professionals in a range of diverse capacities. Poised to tackle life’s challenges with honesty, integrity, and ethical and social responsibility.

OSC doesn’t just forge masterful pupils of today, it spearheads with a touch of guidance and unequalled grace, the leaders of tomorrow.

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