TASA Solutions Sri Lanka recently opened their all-new office at the Colombo Innovation Tower as part of their global market strategy. The Malaysian-based company identifies, deploys, and delivers experienced-based solutions that adhere to international standards. Upon entering the Sri Lankan market last year, TASA solutions partnered with the E-Consulate Group, a software provider that specialises in robotics, supply chains, education and more through the development of digital solutions. The partnership was initiated by Subodha Perera, Founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer of E-Consulate Group, who was instrumental in bringing TASA operations to Sri Lanka.

Subodha Perera, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of E-Consulate and Chief Executive Officer of TASA Lanka, shared his thoughts, “TASA is an experience-based solutions provider which focusses on four main verticals, which are Customer Experience (CX), User Experience (UX), Supply Chain Experience (SCX) and Management Experience (MX) requirements. Operations in Sri Lanka mainly focus on CX and UX, which are based on software development. Having started our operations in May 2022, during the peak of Sri Lanka’s economic crisis, we managed to create 60 employment opportunities within the first five months. Our projection is to grow the headcount, up to 200 by 2023.  We are geared to expand our operations in diverse verticals as we aspire to be a leading Tech and BPO company in the country.”

TASA Solutions brings about a plethora of benefits to Sri Lanka, including an influx of foreign currency. Furthermore, as the company expands, local staff will receive numerous opportunities to expand their horizons as well, including exposure to global giants, which will significantly assist in their career progression as well.

Jerome Travis Martyn, Founder, Director, and Group Chief Executive Officer of TASA, also shared his thoughts, “The opening of our new office, was a true ode to our staff and appreciating them for all they have endured so far.  Aside from TASA Lanka, we also have a presence in Malaysia with four branches, and TASA Singapore, which is all part of our global market strategy for 2023. We have approximately 600 employees scattered around these offices, and we further plan on expanding into Australia and Dubai in the future as well.”

The Sri Lankan Branch of TASA, currently provides BPO services for many industry giants, including the world’s largest cryptocurrency platform, some of the most significant electronics companies in the world, Japan’s largest retail company and one of the most popular airlines in the world. TASA looks to unleash the true potential of the local market and the untapped talent that Sri Lanka has to offer.

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