Clogard, Sri Lanka’s most trusted oral care brand, proudly introduces an all-new multi-beneficial toothpaste, Clogard Pancha Shakthi. A truly Sri Lankan oral care product, Clogard Pancha Shakthi was designed to specifically meet the all-round needs of the user. It is enriched with the goodness of natural Oils extracted from Sri lankan ingredients to provide users of all ages with a holistic experience along with multiple benefits so users can enjoy good oral hygiene every day. ‘Pancha Shakthi’ has deep local connotations as loosely translated from Sanskrit, meaning ‘Power of Five’ which directly relates to but is not limited to, the number of benefits provided by the product.

Clogard Pancha Shakthi is enriched with Irimedadi Oil, which has been used in ayurvedic / Hela Weda for oral issues. The Irimedadi Oil is prepared using a combination of 23 Sri Lankan herbs and consists of antimicrobial, antiseptic, deodorant, and astringent properties. Clogard Pancha Shakthi is designed explicitly to provide users with the multiple benefits they require from a toothpaste.

The prime focus of Clogard Pancha Shakthi is to fight the 5 major oral issues which are cavities, plaque growth, gum-related problems, bad breath, and discolouration of teeth. In addition to the multiple benefits it offers, Clogard Pancha Shakthi also carries a spicy, herbal medicinal flavour that provides a soothing and fresh feel to the mouth.

Senior Brand Manager Ramila Fernando commented on the new product: “Clogard has always been known as a brand that understands and provides solutions for the Sri Lankan Consumer Oral Care needs.   We were able to identify that consumer are becoming exceedingly health conscious, in that they are very selective in what products they use and what food they eat. In terms of oral and dental hygiene, they look for toothpaste which provides greater assurance and value to their families. They believe that a total solution will be suitable for the Whole family as oral care problems vary from person to person. It was with this insight we came up with and launched Clogard Pancha Shakthi, which is an incredible new addition to our growing portfolio of products as it is an all-round variant that provides multiple benefits for the whole family.”

The herbal toothpaste segment is the largest in the market. The multi-benefit segment is the second largest segment and continues to grow exponentially over time. The addition of Clogard Pancha Shakthi into the market segment provides an opportunity for the brand to not only address the growing needs of the consumer, but also raise the bar as a local toothpaste brand.

Clogard Pancha Shakthi toothpaste will be available for purchase at the Hemas E-store and can also be purchased from select shopping points such as grocery stores, Wholesale outlets, pharmacies, fancy stores and leading supermarkets.


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