FASTFIX, one of Sri Lanka’s first apps to facilitate easy home repairs from plumbing to electrical is launched today in a bid to connect end users with service providers. FASTFIX has partnered with Anton, a fully owned subsidiary of St. Anthony’s Industries Group to extend the services provided by the app, offering a gateway to conveniently carry out plumbing related repairs. The app enables users to immediately locate the nearest service providers, contact the most suitable person for the requirement, and get the required services done according to their satisfaction.

This innovative app has two versions designed; one for consumers and another for service providers. When a consumer selects a nearby service provider, that service provider receives a notification to his worker app and the two can connect via app’s in-built audio or video call options. Whilst the app currently focuses on plumbing, FASTFIX is in the process of partnering with companies to get the services of electricians, carpenters, air conditioning mechanics and many other skilled laborers onboard.

The app’s video call facility allows users to explain their requirement to the service provider while virtually showing the issue at hand to resolve it by the customer himself if it’s a minor issue, and upon request, the service providers can reach the customer’s destination with the required materials and carry out the necessary repairs. The app enables users to record their information which helps the workers to locate them and attend to their requirements and also schedule visit times as per the convenience of both parties.

Expressing his thoughts on the app, Krishantha Pathiraja, Head of Operations at FASTFIX shared “We are extremely proud to launch the FASTFIX App, which we believe would be a great convenience for home services related issues should it be a plumbing issue, electric issue or any other repair. Not all are experienced in everyday repairs, and it is safer and more apt to hire a professional who has knowledge and experience to attend to this work. However, finding the right person for the right job is quite difficult at present and people often face issues when negotiating prices to get the job done. No one thought that an app could assist with such a process, but now it is just at the tip of our fingers by downloading the FASTFIX app and connecting to a professional to find solutions to household problems conveniently and cost-effectively.” He went to further elaborate that plumbers on the platform are vetted and the app will ensure regular training to ensure professional conduct.

More features are expected to be added to the app including a feature to locate the nearest Anton product outlet which further assists the app’s users when searching for the required materials needed for repairs, which can be bought at a special rate when purchased through the app. “It is indeed a pleasure to be extending this service to daily wage earners who are most in need of getting back to work. St. Anthony’s Industries is happy to be working with FASTFIX to provide this service for both plumbers and end users especially during Covid-19” says Jeevan Gnanam, Executive Director of St. Anthony’s Industries Group.

Daily wage earners had to face the largest financial struggle as they were one of the first groups to be affected when Covid-19 impacted the country. This app will provide those who have lost their jobs with a platform to find work and earn a living to cover their daily wages at the least. Depending on the quality of the services, they can find constant work, thus enabling them to be fully occupied with work found through the FASTFIX app. In this way, the app contributes to a larger section of the society to step up and be financially stable. The app has a feature to rate the services carried out by the workers which indeed is an opportunity for service providers to be recognized and encourage them to consistently provide a high-quality service. FASTFIX App is currently in operation and serving the Gampaha and Colombo districts for both consumers and service providers, and is available to download via Android Play Store whilst an iOS version is to be launched in the coming few months.

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