Toyota Lanka (Private) Limited recently announced the launch of the latest version of Toyota Genuine Motor Oil with all-new updated packaging, at the Shangri-La Resort & Spa, Hambantota. The event was attended by over 300 authorised partners from around the country, who will play a pivotal role in the distribution of Toyota Genuine Motor Oil. Toyota Lanka (Private) Ltd. is the authorized distributor for Toyota Genuine Motor Oil.

The objective of relaunching of Toyota Genuine Motor Oil is to help revitalise Toyota as a brand and highlight its position in the market. This will be achieved via its new brand identity and packaging which showcases an all-new, unique, and contemporary design, focussing on Toyota’s core strengths and differentiators. The all-new design utilises vibrant colours to set it apart from other products in the market and create a more appeal among the customer base for lubricant, services, and solutions.

Additionally, Toyota Lanka (Private) Limited, has also introduced another way of easily identifying Toyota Genuine Motor Oil. A scratchable, holographic sticker is attached to the bottle, which contains a PIN. Customers can simply send that pin to 0712939000, and receive a QR code, which upon scanning will reveal the authenticity of the oil.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil has emerged as Sri Lanka’s fastest growing brand of motor oil. It is designed specifically to enhance the performance of Toyota vehicles, ensuring optimum functionality. This timely strategy was implemented by Toyota to safeguard customers from parallel imports and counterfeit or ungenuine motor oil products.

The oil has been tested rigorously to ensure consistent, optimal performance during its use, and between services. The precise blend of the oil also helps to prevent corrosion and clumping, while maintaining smooth operation through any temperature.

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