Healthy hair enriches a person’s image and personality in many ways.  Therefore, a rigorous hair care regiment should be part of any individual’s daily routine. Shiny and healthy head-hair increases an individual’s confidence and sociability. Many in our society today are ridden -and suffer- from the menace of dandruff and find they are unable to socialize freely. Especially the youth who are sufferers of it constantly undergo psychological pressure due to this condition in their daily routines and employment activities. Dandruff visible and lying around on shoulders, perception by others as these individuals are unhygienic and inability to adopt a hairstyle of one’s own choosing, lead to loss of confidence of both men and women.

Around half of Sri Lankan population are plagues by the dandruff issue. A solution to the dandruff issue that can also nurture the health of hair at the same time, should therefore be applied. Dandex, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2022, can be described as a solution that won the hearts and minds of Sri Lankans for many decades due its reputation in solving many hair-care related problems such Sri Lankans.

“Head & Hair by Dandex,” the newest addition to the Dandex family, is designed to nourish the scalp and hair, effectively removing dandruff while providing smooth and silky hair. The Head & Hair product line is carefully manufactured and includes the innovative Power Moisture, Strong & Nourish, and Healthy & Fresh varieties, which cater to Sri Lankan women’s hair-related issues. Moreover, Dandex Head & Hair 2 in 1 is a specialized product that fights against dandruff while giving beautiful hair eliminating the hassle of purchasing two different shampoos.

Dandex shampoo was introduced in 1992 by Hemas Consumer Brands, originally as a clinical product, and has become popular among Sri Lankan consumers as a solution that targets the dandruff problem. After a 30-year long journey, today Dendex brand has diversified to an anti-dandruff solution portfolio that consists of Dandex Cooling + Relief, Dandex Hair Fall Control, and Dandex Deep Clean + Nourish Shampoo. Dandex has accurately understood the difficulties faced by the youth when socializing due to their dandruff and skull hygiene issues and introduced the improved Dandex range not only for removal of dandruff but also to instill a freshness to head–hair when applied.

Dandex, which has won the confidence of Sri Lankan consumers, qualifies as 100% locally produced. Dandex preserves the humidity of the skull, provides the nutrition required for healthy and shiny hair, and even prevents hair falling. Its nourishing properties on skull help to minimize the dandruff spread. This unparalleled nourishing power of Dandex empowers everyone plagued by it to move around confidently and to socialize to their hearts content. An important feature of improved Dandex is that it can be used equally by all Sri Lankans –be they men or women, or family members of different age groups- and it is also the only anti-dandruff solution that has won the faith of Sri Lanka’s youth.

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