Clogard Natural Salt, one of the new additions to Clogard’s product catalog, recently won the Silver Award under the category ‘Best New Entrant of the Year’ at the prestigious SLIM Brand Excellence Awards 2022. Organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing, the SLIM Brand Excellence Awards recognizes outstanding branding endeavors that have showcased perseverance and excellence in the market.

Launched in 2020, Clogard Natural Salt was a timely answer to the growing concern over gum problems among Sri Lankans. According to the National Oral Health Survey 2015-16, dental cavities show a declining trend, while gum problems have continued to rise, becoming the more pressing concern related to oral hygiene in the country.

Commenting on the award, Derrick Anthony – General Manager, Marketing, Hemas Consumer Brands, stated, ‘As a leading oral care expert in Sri Lanka, Clogard turned to the tried-and-tested remedy of using salt for everyday oral care needs, resulting in the introduction of Clogard Natural Salt. Despite being launched amid the pandemic, the product was able to perform exceptionally well among consumers. This is partly due to the product serving as protection for both the teeth and gums, delivering more value for money. The award won by Clogard Natural Salt is a testament to the product’s value to the consumers, which made it an attractive choice even during the difficult times.’

As a household name in personal care and hygiene, Clogard continues to innovate and create value for its customers through its products. Clogard Natural Salt, available at supermarkets, pharmacies, and the Hemas E-store, is one of the newest products in Clogard’s extensive portfolio that will ensure healthier gums, stronger teeth, and overall better oral hygiene.


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The Clogard Natural Salt Team accepting the “Best New Entrant Brand of the Year” Award

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