vivo, a leading global smartphone company celebrates its 3rd anniversary today, marking an achievement in technological innovation with smart features for the young minds in Sri Lanka. The brand, since its entry in the local market, has strongly abided by its purpose to create customer-centric offerings and has been eagerly serving their interest by offering global technologies and best-in-class solutions. The company continues to grow its footprint in the ‘more local, more global’ initiative with a staunch focus on price range so that everyone can have access to best solutions without cutting down on their expenditure.

vivo stands apart from the rest in terms of its intensive market research and periodic insights from sales partners to get deep insights about customer needs and aspirations. With its two exclusive service centers and over 1200+ stores network, vivo looks forward to stride on premium after sales services in order to work towards its aim to empower and ensure satisfaction among the youth.

vivo has positioned itself as a youth-centric brand – adapting to the Sri Lankan youth’s evolving lifestyle needs and budget preferences – with the best-in-class camera features, gaming experience and battery life. In line with this, vivo this year came up with feature-rich variants with its Y series and S series. Another notable achievement was the successful launch of flagship products V19 and V20 which brings the best in class technology and sharp aesthetic features to consumers.

Strongly guided by its vision, the brand holds a distinct honour to attain a strong position in the global 5G sector. vivo brings a remarkable combination of 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 5G and 5G-embedded smartphones with futuristic technologies will prove to be the key trend for consumers who deserve the best. The first of its kind 5G-ready smartphone – IQOO Pro 5G was launched by vivo’s sister company to rejuvenate the users. vivo SL is well prepared to fully leverage 5G technology into its smart products and is constantly working towards the growth of 5G embedded smartphones or ‘Intelligent Phones’ which will be immaculately built while being super enjoyable to use.

The company moved to a new location in August which speaks highly of its refined growth in Sri Lanka.

vivo has come a long way with major support from its employees, distributors, retailers, partners and customers. It has upheld the trust of all its stakeholders and is extremely thankful to all who have chosen and stood by the brand over the years. The brand shares a resilient partnership with Abans (National Distributor), Dialog Axiata and Singhagiri (Corporate Partners) in Sri Lanka and takes pride to thank them for being an instrumental part of this journey. vivo will continue to bring a superior technological experience and create a highly progressive ecosystem for consumers.

They brought together 420+ vivo employees and 1200+ retailers to mentor and guide the consumers, and create a sense of empowerment. The brand believes that technology should enrich people’s lives and bring them closer to one another.

2020 has been a year of fulfilment for vivo Sri Lanka with many notable achievements. In March 2020, vivo Sri Lanka established its second service center in Galle to aid and assist suburban consumers with after sales service. vivo Sri Lanka is also part of the government’s ‘Restart Sri Lanka’ initiative which seeks to alleviate these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The brand also donated masks worth LKR 1 million as a part of its CSR initiative #vivocares to support the healthcare industry and frontline workers who rigorously worked against the spread of the COVID-19. Sri Lanka has been a very welcoming space with a positive sentiment to keep abreast with technological advancements. vivo devotedly aims to expand its market in order to reach out to each and every household to create awareness on technology and its usage for the betterment of individuals who aim to reach the pinnacle of success. Adhering to its core values of customer centric ‘design’ and ‘innovation’, and in line with its BENFEN philosophy, vivo’s brand mission is to make its customers’ lives extraordinary by introducing innovative technology and being a trendsetter in the world of mobile technology. vivo is therefore dedicated to bring cutting-edge technology, favourable innovation, and sharply designed products for better engagement in the coming times.

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